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Bioelectronics and Optical Electrophysiology

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Bioelectronics and Optical Electrophysiology

Bioelectric signals are crucial for the physiological functions of rhythmic contraction of cardiomyocytes in the heart and communications of neurons in the brain. We use nanofabrication to develop electronic systems for detecting these small bioelectric signals. Specifically, we are developing vertical nanoelectrodes for scalable and non-invasive intracellular recording of cardiomyocytes. We are also developing mesh electrodes to record from organoids and tissues. We hope to achieve a broad impact by combining the development of new tools with applications to specific biological systems. 

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We are developing a new class of label-free optical electrophysiology for detecting neuroelectric signals. ElectroChromic Optical REcording (ECORE) utilizes the unique property of electrochromic materials that their optical absorption is a function of externally applied voltages. When neurons fire an action potential, the voltage will induce a localize color change of the electrochromic thin film, which allows us to optically read out electrical signals. By detecting reflection instead of fluorescence, ECORE avoids photobleaching and phototoxicity. The ECORE project takes a highly interdisciplinary approach of chemistry (electrochromic chemicals), physics (ultrasensitive optical detection), and biology (neuroscience).

ecore data

Selected Publications for bioelectronics

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Selected Publications for Optical Electrophysiology

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