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Group Members

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Bianxiao and Nancy

Prof Bianxiao Cui
Professor Bianxiao Cui
Job and Gertrude Tamaki Professor of Chemistry
Wu Tsai Neuroscience Institute, Chem-H, Bio-X
Prof. Bianxiao Cui's Profile


Nancy McCarthy
Nancy McCarthy
(650) 736-8120


Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Wei Zhang, Postdoctoral Fellow

"I enjoy the moment when making a discovery in science. I would like to live as a scientist just for more of these moments."
Dr Yang Yang
Dr. Yang Yang, Postdoctoral Fellow, 

"I think we all have the instinct to ask why and doing science to me is to find out the answer by myself."
Dr. Csaba Forró, Postdoctoral Fellow, 

Marie Curie Individual Global Fellow, 
Dr Peter Zhou
Dr. Yuecheng (Peter) Zhou, Postdoctoral Fellow, 

"I do science because I enjoy the excitement of observing and finding out how nature works."
Dr Xiao Yang
Dr. Xiao Yang, Postdoctoral Fellow, 

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Dr. Viktoryia Shautsova
Dr. Viktoryia Shautsova, Postdoctoral Fellow, 

"Endless pursuit of the world's most exciting mysteries to steer the humanity hopefully towards a brighter more sustainable future. "
Dr. He (Ted) You, Postdoctoral Fellow, 

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Graduate Students

Tomasz Zaluska
Tomasz Zaluska, Graduate students, Bioengineering 

"Science is to me as igniting a match in a dark room."
Pengwei Sun, Graduate Student, Biomedical Physics, 

"To exceed the buffer zone."
Luis Alejandro Valencia
Luis Valencia, Graduate Student, Chemistry, 

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Christina Ennae Lee
Christina Lee, Graduate Student, Biophysics, 

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Erica Liu
Erica Liu, Graduate Student, Chemistry, 

"I have a lot of questions."
Chih-Hao (Harry) Lu, Graduate Student, Chemistry, 

"Traveling, Cooking, Studying and Exercising make up my 50% life. Let Science fill the rest of my life~"

Chih-Hao's Profile
Ching-Ting Tsai
Ching-Ting Tsai, Graduate Student, Chemistry, 

"There are many ways to give back to society, and studying science is an extraordinary one. I want to use science to make a positive imprint, so people can benefit from my research." 

Ching-Ting's Profile


Dr. Suguru Ueno, Visiting Scholar
Judith Martinez, Postbac Researcher

"Work hard and surround yourself with good people." 
Anna Amine, photo coming soon
Anna Amine, Undergraduate researcher