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Light-activatable protein functions

We develop light-gated protein-protein interaction systems to control the activation and inactivation of intracellular signaling pathways. The ability to control signaling pathways by light offers unprecedented precision in temporal and spatial dimensions. Specifically, we are developing light-activatable molecular motors, light-activatable receptor tyrosine kinases, and light-activatable ERK and AKT signaling pathways.

Selected Publications

- Hope JM, Liu A, Calvin GJ, Cui B.
Construction of Light-Activated Neurotrophin Receptors Using the Improved Light-Induced Dimerizer (iLID)
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- Huang P, Liu A, Song Y, Hope JM, Cui B, Duan L.
Optical Activation of TrkB Signaling
J Mol Bio 432, 3761-3770 (2020). [Link]

- Jones IV T, Liu A, Cui B.
Light-Inducible Generation of Membrane Curvature in Live Cells with Engineered BAR Domain Proteins
ACS Syn Bio 9, 893-901 (2020). [Link]

- Duan L, Hope JM, Guo S, Ong Q, Fran├žois A, Kaplan L, Scherrer G, Cui B,
Optical Activation of TrkA Signaling
ACS Synthetic biology 7, 1685-1693 (2018). [Link]

- Duan L, Hope J, Ong Q, Lou HY, Kim N, McCarthy C, Acero V, Lin MZ, Cui B,
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Nature Communications 8, 547 (2017). [Link]

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