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Bianxiao Cui

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Bianxiao Cui

Bianxiao Cui

The Job and Gertrud Tamaki Professor of Chemistry

Wu Tsai Neuroscience Institute

Stanford University

Bianxiao Cui studied materials science and engineering at the University of Science & Technology of China before pursuing doctoral study in physical chemistry at the University of Chicago. In thesis work under Prof. Stuart Rice, she explored dynamic heterogeneity and phase transition in colloidal liquids. She moved to California to do postdoctoral research with Prof. Steven Chu on single-molecule imaging of nerve growth factor signal transduction in neurons. She joined the Stanford Department of Chemistry in 2008. She was awarded the National Science Foundation INSPIRE Award for interdisciplinary research, as well as the NSF New Innovator and CAREER Awards, among others.

Professor Cui's research focuses on developing new tools for biology drawing knowledge from physical and chemical principles. Her current research of interest include membrane curvatures at the nano-bio interface, bioelectronics, optical physiology, and optobiology. She has a long interest in understanding signal transduction in neurons and their implications in neurodegenerative disease.